Feeling the “Squeeze” of a Swollen Prostate?

Here’s how to open the floodgates to REAL relief—FAST.

Hey guys, 

So how many times did you get up to pee last night? Twice? Three times? More? 

And what about that annoying stop and start when you’re trying to go? You know what I mean. The stinging and burning … and the feeling you’re never quite “done”?

Not to mention those embarrassing dribbles and ‘after drops’. 

If any of this sounds familiar, I hear you. I’ve been there. 

I’ll bet most of us have.

Truth is, most guys aren’t doing anything to support their prostate health.

Or, if they are, it’s too little, too late.

And that’s a shame. Because at least 1 out of 2 men will have serious prostate issues in their lifetime.

Lucky us, right? 

As if a prostate exam wasn’t bad enough, now imagine one with your walnut-sized prostate as big as a baseball.

It’s Enough to Make Any Guy Cringe…

A swollen prostate chokes your urethra and pinches off your urine flow. It squeezes your bladder from underneath—that’s why it triggers those “gotta go” impulses even when you don’t. 

It’s no wonder normal peeing becomes a distant memory. 

And so does a good night’s sleep. Not to mention your sex life.

It can drive you crazy.

Left Alone, These Problems Don’t Get Better. They Get Worse!

And if you don’t do something about it now, you could end up feeling like a prisoner in your own home…

  • Afraid to leave the house for fear of not having easy access to a bathroom…
  • Afraid to go to big social events…
  • Afraid to travel…
  • Afraid to live your life.

Bladder problems caused by your prostate can be almost as humiliating and frustrating as ED problems. 

But You Know What? In a Way, We Are Lucky.

Because of all the problems men can face as we get older…

…the frustrating symptoms of a swollen prostate can be relieved—quickly and naturally—with no drugs or surgery needed. `

Especially thanks to the breakthrough I’m writing about today

Hi, I’m Tom Miller. I’m a natural health researcher and President of PerformancX, and I know all about prostate trouble. 

And while the Harvard doctors say, “It's not clear why the prostate grows like this,” scientists studying the human diet have uncovered what could be a major clue—

A Prostate “Nutrient Gap” So Big You Could Drive a Truck Through It

And I can now confidently tell you—

When you fill this hidden gap, relief can be almost automatic. 

Starting in a few weeks or even days, you can enjoy…

√ Fewer bathroom trips at night—from three or four to one or two a night

√ A more powerful urine flow that leaves you feeling genuinely relieved

√ Less dribbling… less leaking… less “stop and go” peeing… and less waiting forever to finish. What a relief!

Typical prostate supplements don’t fill this gap. That’s why they don’t work very well. 

If they did, I’d be the first person to tell you. 

But now I have big news about the prostate breakthrough that finally does—

It’s a next-generation supplement called Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula

The name fits. It picks up where typical supplements leave off. 

And the truth is, most prostate supplements today haven’t changed in decades

They don’t reflect the latest research and as a result, they shortchange you on the ingredients your prostate is crying out for the most. 

Your Prostate Deserves Better—and Now It Can Get It

You see, it never made sense to me that the prostate would act up for so many men so early in their lives—often beginning in their 40s. 

So I dug through the research and went where most pharma-focused “experts” would never go. 

And that led me to the hidden nutrient gap that changes everything: 

How Researchers at McGill University Uncovered This “Paleo” Secret to Prostate Health

In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, scientists tracing the human diet since Paleolithic times stumbled onto a major “missing piece” in modern nutrition. (2) 

It’s a family of healthy plant-based fats that contribute to better prostate health and performance. They’re called phytosterols. (3,4)

According to the McGill team, Paleolithic men consumed 1,000 mg of phytosterols daily due to their high daily intake of berries, nuts, fruits, and raw vegetables. 

But today, you’re lucky if you get 150 mg in your daily diet. That’s just 15% of what our ancestors consumed— 

And It’s a Deficit That Hits You Right in the Prostate

Indeed, modern studies show that men with the highest intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts have the lowest incidence of enlarged prostates. (5) 

You can connect the dots yourself. 

The prostate evolved on a phytosterols-rich diet, but the modern processed food diet has virtually stripped them out.

No wonder so many men start having trouble by middle age…and why 9 in 10 men will have prostate problems in their lifetimes! (1)

How Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula Answers the Call For Help

Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula is the only supplement I know that “gets it right,” and here’s the perfect example of what I mean.  

You see, many supplements include a phytosterol called beta-sitosterol. 

But Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula includes all four major kinds of prostate-soothing phytosterols—a total of 800 mg in every daily serving—including:

√ Beta-Sitosterol

√ Campesterol   

√ Stigmasterol

√ Brassicasterol

They work together to replicate the many phytosterol sources nature intended for your diet and for your prostate. 

What’s most important, of course, is that clinical trials confirm the prostate-easing effectiveness of phytosterols-enhanced solutions. (3)

Studies show how phytosterols can provide “significant improvement” in urinary flow parameters6 and are “effective” for prostate issues. (7) 

And that’s not the only thing Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula gets right, thanks to…

The Second Big Discovery in Natural Prostate Relief

It’s simply this: combination therapy works much better than “monotherapy”—one ingredient only. 

That’s what scientists concluded in a major review of clinical studies. (8)

Most prostate supplements don’t pass this test either—not with just one or two ingredients—but Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula passes with flying colors. 

It’s designed to be among the most robust prostate supplements on the planet

So not only does it provide these beneficial phytosterols

It Combines Four More of the Best Prostate Therapies in Use Today

With every daily serving, you also get: 

√ Saw Palmetto Berry Extract (100 mg)

Saw palmetto simply brims with healthy fatty acids like palmitate, laurate, and myristate that promote and protect prostate function, according to the experts. (4)

And remember how I said ancient man got phytosterols from berries? Saw palmetto berries are flush with beta-sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol.

No wonder it has such beneficial effects. And the right people are noticing: 

In 2022, an international panel of top urologists in the journal Uro gave saw palmetto its seal of approval for men with mild to moderate symptoms of swollen prostate and lower urinary tract symptoms. (9)

So it’s doctor-approved, too! 

Next is another great source of naturally occurring phytosterols:

√ Pumpkin Seed Extract (100 mg)

Plus, pumpkin seed extract is also high in prostate-supporting fatty acids like linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid.(10) 

One clinical study published in the British Journal of Urology reported how pumpkin seed extract promotes better prostate function and stronger urinary flow—especially when combined with other phytosterol sources. (11)

As the study authors put it, “Urinary flow, micturition time, residual urine, frequency of micturition and a subjective assessment of the effect of treatment were all significantly improved.” 

“Significantly improved”—now they’re talking my language. Then there’s…

√ Cranberry Fruit Extract (100 mg)

Lower urinary tract symptoms are common in men as we get older and our prostates act up. They’re annoying and worse, they can lead to painful urinary infections. 

So Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula includes cranberry fruit extract—nature’s best solution to help keep your urinary system free and clear of trouble. 

Why other prostate supplements don’t include it, I’ll never know.

Men’s studies show how it can improve flow rate, total volume, complete voiding, less residual urine left behind—the whole ten yards. (12, 13) And then…

√ Grape Seed Extract (100 mg) 

Job #1 is keeping your prostate healthy as the years go by, so of course Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula provides nature’s best prostate protectors. 

One is grape seed extract. It contains powerful antioxidants called procyanidins that help your prostate cells thrive and can even inhibit the growth of unhealthy prostate cells. (14) 

That’s good to know. Plus you get a full team of nutrient minerals that help defend your prostate so effectively… 

You Could Call This Formula “Prostate Protection 2.0” 

Insufficient intake of zinc is a major issue with men over 50 and can contribute to serious prostate conditions15—and the same goes for iodine and selenium. (16, 17) 

But it won’t be a worry for you with Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula on the job. 

What’s more, it provides science-backed amounts of trace minerals manganese, copper, chromium, and molybdenum because they’ve all been shown to help shield the prostate against serious age-related problems. (18, 19, 20, 21)

You even get extra Vitamin D. Men’s Health calls it “The Vitamin That Can Save Your Prostate.” (22) 

And incredibly, many men still don’t get enough of it!

But you will. 

In fact, you get enough of everything—for good reason. 

Total advanced support like this is how you get the best prostate results and the free-flowing urinary stream of a man decades younger. I can attest to it.

It’s Not Just a Trickle of Relief. It’s a FLOOD of Relief! 

I could go on, but instead let me suggest this: 

With the information I’ve shared with you today, go ahead and compare Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula with any other prostate supplement on the market today. 

Then, the choice is yours to make. 

You can choose to do nothing, of course, and just put up with the lousy sleep and endless bathroom trips and hope it doesn’t get worse—though it probably will.  

You can try one of the outdated prostate supplements I talked about, but you’ll likely be as dissatisfied as I was. 

In fact, I’d bet on it. 

Or you can finally say “Enough!” to the sleep interruptions…the constant urges to go…the frustration of never emptying fully…

…and get the best results possible with the most complete science-backed formula available today: Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula.

Five Reasons Prostate 2.0 Advanced Formula Should Be Your Choice

With every daily 3-capsule serving, you get: 

1. All-out prostate and urinary relief—its extra-strength phytosterols (800 mg) along with saw palmetto (100 mg), pumpkin seed (100 mg), and cranberry (100 mg) provide “relief power” that leaves other supplements in the dust. 

2. Powerful prostate protectionwith its grape seed extract, minerals, and Vitamin D, no other supplement does more to help you “beat the odds” and become the guy who never has a prostate worry. 

3. Unsurpassed potencyits state-of-the-art encapsulation process preserves the quality, absorbability, and full effectiveness of the natural ingredients inside. 

4. Quality you can trustIt’s 100% sourced and manufactured here in the USA under the tightest quality control standards—and that’s a far cry from most “generic” prostate supplements on the market today.

5. An amazing 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee that lets you put it to the full test without risking a dime. (If you ask me, a guarantee like this speaks for itself.)

IF Your Prostate Could Talk, It Would Say “STOP FOOLING AROUND.”

Don’t take baby steps when you can take giant strides to fast, effective relief and a well-protected prostate. Just imagine the difference in your life when you can…

√ Sleep like a log again with only one or two nighttime trips to the bathroom… 

√ End the “stop and go” peeingthe incomplete emptying…the dribbling after you thought you were finished…those urgent calls “to go” after you just went… 

√ Enjoy stronger urinary flow and actually feel “relieved” when you’re done…

…and above all, feel confident knowing you’re doing all you can to support a lifelong healthy prostate naturally. 

It works.  It lasts. Period.

Order Your Risk-Free Supply Now and Get Ready for Relief

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And remember—whatever option you choose, our 180-Day Satisfaction Guarantee means you can give it a complete test run without risking a penny. 

Order now. You’ll be glad you did! 

To Your Great Health,

Tom Miller

Natural Health Researcher 

President, PerformancX

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